From making a difference in people’s lives to networking for business purposes and enjoying a passive income, property management is a rewarding career choice. 

That said, it’s a difficult job that requires dedication and care as you balance the needs of investors, tenants, and other relevant parties.

Juan Reyes started and has been expanding his own property management business. Through this experience, he has gained some fantastic insights that any property owner or manager can benefit from. 

That’s why we’re proud to highlight him as DoorLoop’s property manager of the month. 

Every month, we like to take the time to highlight a property manager that embodies DoorLoop’s values and, more importantly, someone who has great advice and can teach our readers to become better in the field. 

In this post, we will discuss Juan’s upbringing in property management and share some of his advice to reach success within the industry. 

About Juan

Juan initially managed his own real estate properties, but it later became relevant that his investor friends needed help with their properties as well. This led to them collaborating on managing their units together and later grew into managing units for other property owners as well. 

The team of three has been managing properties for the past five years. However, three years ago, they formally founded their own property management company, Tiva Properties. The company is based in Woodstock, Georgia and services the Metro Atlanta area. 

With Tiva Properties, Juan currently manages 13 units. 

He has found his journey to be very rewarding and encourages others to get involved in property management!

Advice for Property Managers

Juan shares valuable advice for new and seasoned property managers, the primary one being to communicate with tenants and property owners alike effectively. 

He emphasizes the importance of communicating with tenants in particular, pointing toward the communication breakdown that often occurs in the property management and real estate industries. 

However, Juan also explains how this issue is easy to remedy. Therefore, property managers should stay on top of it.

Experience with DoorLoop

One of the things that has helped Juan overcome many obstacles in the property management business is DoorLoop.

To Juan, there are so many good things about DoorLoop. Here are some of his favorite features the software has to offer:

  • Automated payments
  • Ability to e-sign and store contracts right on the platform
  • QuickBooks integration to ensure up-to-date accounting

In fact, Juan loves the convenience of the property management software and its payment system so much that autopay through DoorLoop is a requirement in his lease agreements!

Simply put, DoorLoop has made Juan’s property management processes incredibly easy and stress-free. 

Bottom Line

Juan has shown an immense amount of dedication and passion for property management. This has afforded him a wealth of knowledge, which he’s happy to share with others.

Juan says that if anyone is seeking guidance regarding real estate management, feel free to reach out to Tiva Properties for assistance or even to ask for advice. His team just wants to eliminate as many headaches from the property management side of things as possible for people, whether they transact with his company or not. 

Check out Tiva Properties as an option for your business, or simply reach out to Juan for free advice so that you can reap the benefits of property management!

DoorLoop also has tons of content to help you get started on building your portfolio, so don’t be a stranger; check out more reading material, like this beginner’s guide!

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