Property management is a notoriously difficult task. From constant follow-ups to everyday tasks, property management can quickly become overwhelming. 

The traditional property manager has tackled complex tasks and dealt with continuous struggles. 

There is, however, a new sheriff in town… the modern property manager. 

Modern property managers are more efficient and organized than traditional property managers. It is all due to one simple tool, technology.

Modern technology has got you covered if you are looking for ways to become a more efficient property manager. 

In this blog, we will explain how modern technology has improved the property management industry and even give helpful tips on how to become a modern property manager. 

First, let's give more detail on the modern property manager. 

Modern Property Managers

The modern property manager is an efficient and effective manager of one or more properties. 

Modern property managers can handle every aspect of the rental process, from property listing to streamlined maintenance requests. 

Why is the modern property manager so efficient? The answer is simple… technology 

Property management software has helped modern property managers upscale their efficiency and reliability. 

To understand the efficiency of modern property management, let's dive into the issues that arise in the traditional route. 

Traditional Property Management 

Traditional property management is very broad and overwhelming. Property managers are expected to: 

  • List and market properties 
  • Collect rent payments 
  • Track maintenance requests 
  • Screen tenants 
  • Organize property records

… and so much more. 

Let's review these in detail so that we can truly showcase the hefty responsibilities. 

List and Market Properties

Property managers are expected to list and market their properties. 

This can become difficult when the number of properties is upscaled, and marketing strategies aren't second nature. 

Listing properties on their own does not seem like a difficult task until you account for the following: 

  • Picture taking 
  • Apartment staging 
  • Writing property descriptions
  • Looking for the right listing websites 

As you can see, there's more to listing and marketing than meets the eye. 

Collect Rent Payments

Property managers might be tasked with physical rent collection depending on the property type. 

Physical rent collection can be a timely and expressive task depending on the number of properties managed and distances. 

This takes unnecessary time out of your day when you could be doing other things for the property. 

Tracking Maintenance Requests

When something goes wrong in the property, nine times out of ten, tenants will call the property managers. 

This can be difficult for property managers to deal with in terms of scale. They must also remain organized in the follow-up process and documentation. 

Screen Tenants 

Tenant screening is an essential part of property management. 

They are tasked with screening prospective tenants and bearing the weight of making an irreversible decision. 

Organize Property Records

Another significant role of property management is to maintain all records organized. This can be difficult as paperwork can get easily lost and can pile up; the next thing you know, your desk is growing paper skyscrapers. 

In all the clutter, important papers and requests can get lost, causing stress and the wrong impression on your character. 

Property Management Tasks

Now that we have highlighted the hefty responsibilities of a property manager, we will explain how the modern property manager can do it all with property management software. 

Property Management Software 

Property management software can ease and streamline the entire rental process. 

Solid property management software solutions can completely transform the way that property managers function; it can completely renovate the way property managers deal with: 

  • Lack of communication
  • Slow response to maintenance requests
  • Late payments
  • Misplaced documents

Good property management software is the key to modern property management. Here is what to look for when deciding which software works best for you: 

  • Automatic Online Rent Payments
  • Streamlined Communication
  • Maintenance Orders
  • Reliability & Support
  • Reporting
What makes a good property manager

Being a property manager can be overwhelming, but finding the right management software doesn't have to be; let's see how DoorLoop can help you. 


DoorLoop is a complete, full-service property management software designed to offer every tool you'd need to manage your properties, no matter the number.

Designed with ease of use, speed, and world-class support in mind, DoorLoop is the only tool you need to become a successful modern property manager. And, since it is a cloud-based solution, it can be done from anywhere, allowing you to stay in one place. 


DoorLoop offers many features allowing you to make the best of your career. Some of these include: 

  • Robust accounting suite: Everything you need to manage all your property accounting in one place, with no difficult QuickBooks workarounds necessary.
  • QuickBooks integration: Rather integrate with QuickBooks and use it? You can do that too.
  • Convenient tenant portal: Communicate with tenants, allow them to pay rent and other fees, and even send maintenance requests from within the app.
  • Invaluable maintenance management features: Speaking of maintenance, edit those requests with attachments, send them to vendors, pay those vendors, and even communicate with tenants on those requests simply and easily.
  • A plethora of leasing tools: From automatic listings to reaching qualified renters promptly, background checks and leasing templates make the entire process more streamlined.

… And many more features like automatic rent collection to ease the payment process. 

To learn more about DoorLoop and what it can do for you, schedule a free demo today. 

DoorLoop Features

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the modern property manager can accomplish great things in a portion the time it would take a traditional property management company or person in charge of rental properties.

Property management software such as DoorLoop is designed with the property manager's concerns in mind, paving the way for the modern property manager to take on the world. 

Ilia is a Content Creator and Copywriter at DoorLoop with a background in Real Estate and Law. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida International University with Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and International Relations.