Managing properties isn't easy, and a mobile home park is no exception.

Mobile home parks often have unit-specific charges and requirements that make them uniquely challenging to keep up with.

Many also have unique common areas and utility metering issues, which can take a complicated job and make it feel downright impossible.

If you’re ready to get ahead of the curve, then finding the right mobile home park management software can help you do it.

This guide should make that easier.

We’ve included the top-rated software options below, along with some helpful information about what you should look for while making your decision. So without further delay, let’s get into it.

6 Factors to Consider While Shopping for Mobile Home Park Management Software

Shopping for software is an exercise in self-awareness. You have to know which features matter most to you in managing your mobile home parks to fubd a solution that will last well into the future.

These are the main factors to consider before getting started.

1. Unit-Specific Labeling

Both manufactured homes and mobile home parks often have different sizes, features, and utility connections. 

You’re going to want property management software that will let you input all of that information on a unit-by-unit basis to account for these differences.

2. Tenant Screening Support

It’s also important that your property management software can help you screen prospective tenants. 

You want to be able to run quick background checks on interested applicants so that you can get them to sign a contract faster and avoid losing them to a competitor. 

When your background checks and tenant screening processes are integrated with your management platform, it becomes much easier to get a new tenant into one of your units and fill vacancies in your mobile home parks faster.

3. Common Area Management Features

You’re also going to need tools that simplify the process of charging tenants for common area usage and facility access. 

From maintenance tracking and automatic billing to community fees and policy violations, you want a single platform that will handle it all so that you can accomplish all of your goals from a single place.

4. Communication Portal

The best mobile home park management software will also act as a communication hub for residents to connect with each other and you as the property manager. Integrating this with your property management software can save you a ton of time.

5. Utility Metering

It’s much easier to manage a mobile home park when your software automatically calculates and charges residents for the utilities they use.

6. Pricing

Of course, pricing is another major factor to consider. Just be sure to compare a software’s price against the time it will save you so that you can zero in on the option that delivers the most value at the best price.

8 Best Mobile Home Park Management Software Options for 2023

Now that we’ve introduced the main features to look for in mobile home park management software, let’s look at the top contenders. 

Here are 8 options worth your attention.

1. Doorloop


Doorloop has everything you need to start managing your mobile home park more efficiently. It features:

  • Lightning-fast and easy-to-use
  • Automated rent collection
  • Complete tenant screening tools
  • A robust tenant communication portal
  • Simplified vendor and maintenance management
  • Automated online payments processing
  • Affordable pricing
  • Powerful and customizable reports to deliver deeper insights into your finances
  • And much more

This all comes with our award-winning, best-in-class customer support team, which can answer your questions not only through phone and email but also through screen-sharing and tutorial videos to ensure you get maximum value from Doorloop’s software.

The best part? You can sign up for a free demo today to see the value we can deliver without having to commit to a thing.

2. Buildium


Buildium offers a robust property management platform with features like:

  • Online payments
  • Tax support
  • A resident communication portal
  • Software integrations
  • Financial reporting
  • Help with tenant screening and e-signatures

The company also offers support with marketing and business development if that’s something you’d like assistance with.

The biggest downside to Buildium is that it’s a bit complex and hard to use. In addition, it’s more expensive than most other property management solutions.

If you want to access everything that Buildium has to offer, then you could end up paying over $500 per month for the company’s premium plan. That’s much more than most other tools with similar features.

3. Rent Manager


Rent Manager offers a really nice feature list, including help with:

  • Accounting
  • Financial reporting
  • Marketing
  • Software integrations
  • Business development
  • And more

However, there are two main issues with Rent Manager.

First, its user interface is pretty clunky. You may struggle to find the tools you need, which can make it take longer to complete your tasks.

Additionally, the Rent Manager pricing structure is not transparent.

You'll have to get in touch with them to figure out whether this is an option that will work for your budget, which is an annoyance that may or may not be worth dealing with based on your needs.

4. Rentroom


Rentroom is another solid choice. Its software includes some nice accounting tools and unique community management features for mobile homes. 

It also integrates with many other software services and will automatically syndicate your listings to rental platforms like Zillow and

With built-in screening features as well, this makes it a lot easier to find new tenants for your mobile home park.

The main downside to this option is that its financial reporting features aren’t the best. You may want to look elsewhere if that’s important to you.

You can try a free trial of Rentroom, but you have to request it from a sales agent before they’ll allow you to sign up.

5. Landlord Studio

Landlord Studio

Landlord Studio stands out with convenient mobile apps for iOS and Android. It’s a good option if you want to be able to manage your mobile home park on the go.

The software’s accounting features are solid, and it can help you conduct tenant screening. It also has an extremely clean user interface, which should make it very easy to use, even if you’re not the most technically savvy property manager.

The knock on Landlord Studio is that for all its polish, it’s a bit lacking in substance. You’re not going to get as many of the features and tools that other products offer.

The company’s introductory plan charges $5.99 to manage a single unit and goes up by $1/month for each additional one. There’s also a more expensive $19.99/month option with more advanced features.

6. Hemlane


Hemlane is a robust property management software with some unique features that help it stand out.

For example, it can match you with local agents to show your vacancies and help with repair coordination from local professionals. With application screening and a host of management tools to boot, this product can do it all.

The biggest issue with Hemlane is that it’s one of the most expensive options out there. The basic plan starts at $30/month, and you add $2 to that price for each unit that you’re managing. But this doesn’t even give you access to all of the software’s features.

If you want access to everything that Hemlane has to offer, you’ll need the Premium plan, which costs $60/month + $32(!) for every additional unit. That’s more than most property managers will want to spend.

7. TenantCloud


TenantCloud is entirely free to start using. Its free option can accommodate as many as 75 units with basic management features.

This can be a great cost-saving option for property managers. However, the free version of TenantCloud only gives you access to basic accounting features and online payment tools.

If you want help screening tenants, managing resident communication, and scheduling repairs, then you’re going to have to choose another option. Or you can pay a $9 monthly fee for a middle-tier plan through TenantCloud or a $35/month fee for the company’s most advanced offering.

8. Rentmoji


Rentmoji packs loads of features into its mobile and desktop property management applications, including:

  • Tenant communication tools
  • Automatic rent payment management
  • Financial reporting
  • Automated listings and lead harvesting
  • Simplified property management and repair scheduling

The trouble is that Rentmoji is not transparent with its pricing. Online reviews suggest that it costs more than competitors with similar offerings as well. But the only way to find out for sure is to contact the company and request a quote.

Try Doorloop for Free

We may be a little biased, but we can’t help but think you’ll get the most value from Doorloop’s all-in-one property management software for managing your mobile home park. 

But you don't have to take our word for it– DoorLoop has some of the highest ratings in the industry across software platforms like Capterra, Software Advice, and G2.

It includes everything you need to start managing your properties more efficiently and effectively while keeping everything incredibly simple, lightning-fast, and most notably easy to use.

With DoorLoop, you get a robust suite of tools to help you save time and money with:

  • Tenant screening
  • Leasing
  • Rent collection
  • Resident communication tools
  • Maintenance
  • And every other aspect of managing your property.

We’re so confident you’ll love Doorloop that you can even try it for free. So, why wait? Request a free demo today to get started.

David Bitton

David is the co-founder & CMO of DoorLoop, a best-selling author, legal CLE speaker, and real estate investor. When he's not hanging with his three children, he's writing articles here!