Miami, FL - April 06 2022 - DoorLoop, an award-winning rental property management software company, enters 2022 with a continued commitment to its Loopers for Love initiative. Through the Loopers for Love program, DoorLoop donates 1% of all profits to the Ronald McDonald House Charity (RMHC). RMHC’s mission to provide housing, medical care, and resources to underprivileged families in 62 countries deeply resonates with DoorLoop’s founders, who are committed to leaving the world a better place than they found it.

In addition to donations to the RMHC, DoorLoop places community service at the forefront of its priorities through a variety of initiatives. This includes allotting every team member 20 hours of paid time off each year specifically for volunteering and community service, in addition to sponsoring team members on their own charitable endeavors. The Loopers for Love initiative also includes team volunteering initiatives and an annual matching campaign, during which DoorLoop matches the total donations raised by its team for RMHC.

“All of us founders have families we care deeply about, as well as 13 children between us,” says co-founder and CMO David Bitton. “To be able to donate to a cause that means so much to us is a privilege that none of us takes for granted.” Whether it’s by donating to those in need of basic necessities or by helping landlords and property managers run their businesses more smoothly, DoorLoop is committed to dedicating its resources to make a positive impact.

All signs point to that impact growing each year. With $10 million in seed funding and top performance awards under its belt, DoorLoop is continuing to focus on what its mission has always been: to help property managers with any type of portfolio to save time, make more money, and grow their businesses. In order to accomplish this, DoorLoop’s team has created an intuitive, easy-to-use software that requires minimal training to master, despite the fact that unlimited training and support are available for all users.

“We are incredibly proud of the product we’ve built: it’s both sophisticated and user-friendly, and it’s only going to continue growing from here. With that said, none of our accomplishments so far would have been possible without the phenomenal team of Loopers we have. They truly go above-and-beyond, and their commitment to both our customers and our communities is inspiring. We look forward to continuing to deliver an exceptional platform, world-class customer service, and dedicated community service for years to come,” says co-founder and CEO Ori Tamuz.

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David is the co-founder & CMO of DoorLoop, a best-selling author, legal CLE speaker, and real estate investor. When he's not hanging with his three children, he's writing articles here!