Are you looking for a reliable and comprehensive property management solution? You'll probably find many options, including Livly. This tool has been designed to increase resident satisfaction and make your rental estate business more efficient.

According to the information shared on its website, Livly is widely used by leasing real estate companies, which manage over 700 properties across the United States with this software.

However, there's still a lot to learn about Livly to determine if it's really a good fit for a property management company and offers all the features you need to streamline related processes.

Do you want to know if Livly could be a good property management solution for you? Read on and find all the information you need in this comprehensive review.

What Is Livly Property Management Software?

Livly was created as a property management tool to increase efficiency and ensure resident satisfaction through an all-in-one app.

This property management software uses AI-driven technology to improve engagement, boosting property revenue while maintaining tenants happy.

Additionally, Livly was designed to work as an extension of your team and handles tenant communications.

These parties can rely on this property management solution to improve their real estate operations:

  • Property staff
  • Property owners
  • Property developers
  • Property managers
  • Condos managers and owners
  • Student housing managers

Livly Features

If you want to know if Livly is the ideal solution for your property management business, it's also crucial to consider its features, which include the following:

Resident Mobile App

Through this apartment app, residents can handle different tasks, such as paying rent and requesting maintenance. In addition, users can get package alerts, explore community events, and connect with neighbors.

Property Hub

Property managers can use the Livly management hub or dashboard to handle rent payments and maintenance or repair requests. However, there's much more to do in this space. Users can use move-in checklists, emails, and so on.

Smart Access

There are more and more technological innovations every day. Have you seen everything you can do with an Apple watch? Well, Livly also offers many state-of-the-art options, including Smart Access.

You can use your smartphone as a key and provide single-tap but secure access to guests, staff, and residents.

Smart Apartments

This property management solution also allows property owners and real estate experts to explore industry-leading smart IoT solutions, including smart devices, Community WiFi, or the Livly Guest Kiosk.

Full-service Resident Events

With Livly, you can also organize events for your residents, whether in-person or virtual, set reminders, track RSVPs, and more.

Packages and Maintenance

If you want to prevent packages from piling up on your property, you can use Livly to keep residents informed about them.

This property management solution sends real-time alerts and notes to residents, streamlining maintenance processes and requests for both tenants and staff.

Amenity Management

The Livly app allows residents to book amenities in just minutes. In addition, staff can set specific occupancy and time. This tool is also ideal if you need to create booking passes to simplify check-in.

Smart Integrations

Livly is fully integrated with leading multifamily services, eliminating issues related to handling multiple property management apps.

In order to offer a great app with multiple features and a great customer experience, Livly has partnered with multifamily leaders in different areas, including smart access, leasing and marketing, instant commerce, renter's insurance, data analytics, and more.

These are some of the key integrations:

  • Entrata
  • ResMan
  • RealPage
  • Yardi
  • ButterflyMX
  • OpenPath
  • Salto
  • Assa Abloy 
  • Brivo
  • Stripe
  • Latch 
  • Comelit
  • Dwolla
  • Luxer One
  • Package Concierge
  • GoPuff
  • Amenify
  • Ecobee
  • SmartRent 
  • Utility Answer
  • And more

Private Community Feed

Livly helps residents connect with each other and the property staff through this software's community feed by posting photos and messages.

Livly Pricing

In terms of pricing, Livly offers different flexible plans customized to real estate portfolios' and buildings' needs. However, it promises low-cost prices and no hidden fees.

These are the three plans available:

  • Livly Core: This plan grants access to rent payment tracking, reporting, email tools, Livly Community Feed, integrated and non-integrated solutions, package notifications, and more.
  • Livly Plus: This plan offers all the features available in the Livly Core plan but with an additional selection (there are four experiences available, but you can choose only one).
  • Livly Pro: This plan has been designed for property management companies that need a comprehensive solution with multiple features since it offers full access to an operating system, the Livly Experimental Management (XPM), Lively Key, Smart Access Integrations, and more.

Livly also offers multiple add-ons to help you create a custom plan that allows you to take your property management business to the next level. Here are a few options available:

  • Livly Experimental Management (XPM): It acts as an extension of your team, allowing you to create and execute resident communications for greater tenant satisfaction.
  • Livly Guest Kiosk: You can add a self-service Guest Check-In Kiosk in your building's or property's lobby to reduce the burden on your desk staff. This feature offers privacy and security when checking in.
  • Livly Micromart: Your property staff can create onsite apartment stores with Livly Micromart, offering a place where residents can buy essential items and food.
  • Livly View: Residents can see what's happening in the community and stay up-to-date with the latest news.
  • Resident Fitness: Property managers and owners can also use Livly to provide professional fitness and dance classes to residents, adding value to their real estate business.

Does Livly Offer a Free Trial?

Unfortunately, Livly's website doesn't contain information on whether a free trial is available for this software.

However, potential customers can book a product tour to learn more about this property management tool and find out if it's suitable for their real estate businesses.

Livly Review: Pros and Cons

Now that you know more about Livly's features and prices, you should also take a look at its pros and cons. Find more information about them below!

Pros of Livly

  • Maintenance features, including maintenance requests, to make it easier for landlords and property managers to fix problems and complete repairs
  • Convenient features for different tasks
  • Community feed for a better resident experience
  • Different packages and add-ons to create a custom plan adapted to each property's needs
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • An all-in-one app designed to increase resident satisfaction
  • Concierge support improvement
  • Promotion of unique events and experiences to engage residents
  • AI-driven technology that reduces costs and improves efficiency
  • Tools to increase resident renewals

Cons of Livly 

  • Many negative reviews from previous customers
  • Bank account information (including password) needed to pay rent via direct bank payment
  • Issues with Community Feed notifications
  • Insufficient information on prices
  • Lack of clear methods for reporting bugs

3 Competitors You Can Consider

Do you think Livly isn't the best option for your real estate business? Don't worry! Many competitors are just as good or even better, including the following:

  1. DoorLoop

DoorLoop is, undoubtedly, the best property management solution on the market. This software offers the best integrations, tools, and services you need to make your property management business thrive.

These are a few of DoorLoop's main features:

  • Many accounting tools to make your job easier: You can integrate DoorLoop with QuickBooks or use the top-class built-in accounting features to handle payments and other expenses.
  • Options to pay rent and handle tenants' requests: DoorLoop provides access to a tenant portal that residents can use to make payments or requests. It's easily accessible from a smartphone.
  • Enhanced communications with all parties involved: This solution allows property managers to communicate with tenants through the app, whether they use their smartphone or computer, to manage maintenance requests.
  • Dedicated owner portal: If you want to let other users know how things are going or complete other important tasks, DoorLoop's dedicated owner portal is the ideal feature for your business.

DoorLoop Pricing

DoorLoop is transparent about its pricing and offers this property management software for just $49 monthly for your first 20 units.

Do you want to know more about DoorLoop and discover if it's the ideal property management solution for your business? Schedule a free demo here.

  1. SimplifyEM

Do you have a small-to-medium real estate portfolio but need a property management solution? SimplifyEM is a good alternative.

This software offers many remainder features and accounting tools, attracting many users who want to make property management easier.

However, SimplifyEM isn't the best option if you're looking for a full-service solution, as it doesn't have key features to help you manage your real estate business.

The following are a few tools that you can use if you choose SimplifyEM:

  • Basic accounting features
  • Scheduling tools
  • Community reminders
  • Vendor management
  • Lease tracking
  • Document tracking

In addition, SimplifyEM is part of the property management solutions with a per-unit pricing model. Its plans start at $25 monthly for up to 10 units.

  1. Hemlane

Hemlane is another great contender and offers unique features, such as an agent match tool. Additionally, this solution has been designed to improve the property management process from start to finish.

However, Hemlane is much more expensive than other alternatives on the market since its pricing model is based on monthly payments combined with a per-unit monthly charge.

These are the main features of Hemlane:

  • Tenant screening
  • Features to pay rent online
  • Maintenance management
  • Unique placement tools

As mentioned, Hemlane is expensive. Its starter "basic" plan is $30 per month plus $2 per property after the first unit.

Try DoorLoop Today!

DoorLoop helps real estate owners and investors track and improve property management to make their businesses successful and offer a better experience to customers/tenants. That's what makes it the best solution.

In addition, DoorLoop includes many features that can help you save time and money, such as multiple tenant communication and lease agreement tools, convenient reports on your business's performance, an intuitive interface, and more.

Are you still unsure if DoorLoop is the property management software you should try? Schedule a free demo today and discover all its features!

David is the co-founder & CMO of DoorLoop, a best-selling author, legal CLE speaker, and real estate investor. When he's not hanging with his three children, he's writing articles here!