As a rental business owner, you probably already understand the importance of having the right tools at your disposal. Whether you require excellent document storage or accounting tools, property management software can come to the rescue.

However, the success of this kind of platform and its usefulness for your business will depend on a number of factors. The features it offers, its affordability, pros and cons, and more should all be considered before making a decision.

In this article, we’ll review HappyCo, a promising property management solution for multifamily properties.

What Is HappyCo?


The truth is that managing multifamily rental properties can be challenging. With so many administrative tasks to handle, it helps to have an innovative software solution to help you to keep track of things and provide the right tools.

HappyCo is one such software that claims to cater to the needs of multifamily unit rentals. It offers innovative features for managing staff onsite, preventive and process maintenance, and various other aspects of property management.

Although the software claims to offer a comprehensive solution to meet the needs of property managers, it's important to remember that it has pros and cons, so you must ensure that you're looking at the good and the bad when determining whether this is the property management software solution for you.

Before we get to the pros and cons, let's take a closer look at the features of HappyCo to understand why it has such an amazing rating among users.

HappyCo Property Management Software Features

Property management software is designed to put all the tools you need to streamline your business operations in one convenient, easy-to-access platform. HappyCo has three solutions to meet the needs of property managers, business owners, and landlords:

  1. Happy Asset - Accounting and business management
  2. Happy Property - Lease, tenant, and onsite staff management
  3. Happy Force - Remote maintenance assistance

In the section below, we'll delve into the specific features you can expect with HappyCo to help you gain a better understanding of what it offers and whether these are features you might find useful.

Accounting and Business Management

Managing a rental business requires sound accounting and bookkeeping practices to ensure that you manage your expenses and make a good profit on your real estate investment. HappyCo aims to provide a software solution that eliminates the need for spreadsheets.

According to the developers, you can make quick decisions thanks to its efficient and accurate reporting features.

Preventive and Process Maintenance

Preventive maintenance and property inspections play an important role in any rental business. If you want to hold tenants accountable for damage and avoid having to pay hefty amounts for repair work, this feature is a must.

HappyCo allows you to generate personalized inspection forms when you need them. You can also upload them and store them on the system and access inspections when you need them.

Comprehensive Compliance

Additionally, HappyCo lets you maintain high standards across the board and create a traceable documentation system. You can customize various aspects of your documents and add digital signatures and time-stamped photos.

Guest Inspections

If you are running your business remotely, you'll find that HappyCo lets you do just that. With its Guest Inspections feature, you can appoint a vendor or resident to conduct inspections on your behalf.

Smart Answering

At an additional price, you can set up a smart answering system that lets you create work orders from service calls received after hours and more to ensure that your business doesn't suffer while you're away.

Now that you understand some of the most prominent features of HappyCo, let's look at the pricing.

HappyCo Pricing

Although HappyCo offers a number of great features, it's important to look at the associated cost when deciding whether it is the right option for you. After all, the price is one of the most critical aspects when choosing a software solution for your business.

Upon further investigation, we found that HappyCo doesn't reveal a lot about its pricing structure. We are only told that the cost is determined by the number of units and on a monthly basis, with the minimum rental unit requirement being 250.

This is a large number, making this service inaccessible to small to medium-sized businesses.

We were, however, able to find more information about pricing on the GetApp review platform. According to the information listed there, each module comes at a cost, so to enjoy the benefits of Happy Property, you're looking at a minimum of $250 per month ($1 per unit) for basic functionality. Every additional module you add to your package will add to this cost.

Does HappyCo Offer a Free Trial?

HappyCo does offer a free demo to let you try the software out for yourself. However, there isn't much information available about the demo on its website, so you will have to contact the company directly to learn more .

HappyCo Pricing: An Overview

Unfortunately, HappyCo's pricing is arguably one of its most significant drawbacks. With a high minimum unit requirement of 250, this software solution is exclusively for large businesses and property managers that oversee many different multifamily properties.

With little to no information about its pricing and no plans for you to choose from, and a presumably high monthly cost, HappyCo leaves much to be desired where affordability is concerned.

HappyCo Review: Pros and Cons

Let's put all the information we have learned so far together and weigh the pros and cons to help you determine whether HappyCo is the right property management software solution for you.

Pro: Customers Report That "All Our Property Inspections Were Made Simple with the Ability to Modify Templates."

With HappyCo, you can create custom inspection forms based on the type of inspection you're doing. Then, keep a traceable record, as inspections upload immediately, where you can access them later on if necessary.

Pro: Create a Professional Looking Report with Ease

HappyCo allows users to generate professional reports quickly and easily. This is important to help you make better business decisions and close deals quickly.

Con: Customer Service Needs Work

Some users have complained of having received poor customer service from HappyCo. Whether you're a property manager or a landlord, having access to fast and efficient help when there are issues is essential, making this a considerable setback for the company.

Con: Connectivity Problems

Although this is not necessarily a con related directly to the software itself, it's important to have a stable and intelligent platform that isn't entirely dependent on cellular WiFi coverage to access important information.

Con: Usability Issues

Another issue that many HappyCo reviews revealed was problems with navigating the platform. Its categorization system isn't easy to understand, and in some cases, the response time is poor, lowering the overall user experience.

The truth is that creating an excellent user experience should be at the forefront of every software development strategy. After all, there's no use including many great features if no one can locate them quickly or use them efficiently.

Three Competitors to Consider

It's important to do your research and know your options when choosing a software solution for your business. If you're on the fence about HappyCo, it helps to know what other applications there are to help you improve your efficiency.

Whether you need something more affordable or more functionality, here are three options worth considering:

1. DoorLoop


With a wide range of features, excellent customer service, and so much more, DoorLoop is definitely a worthy alternative to HappyCo. Because a subscription is more affordable, you can save on costs to increase your bottom line - all without having to sacrifice any of the vital features you are looking for in property management software.

DoorLoop Features

  • Document Management. With DoorLoop, you can quickly and easily create professional, customized lease agreements, rental applications, and more. With an auto-fill feature and digital signatures, your job will be a whole lot easier.
  • Account Tools. There's no doubt that every property management software solution should have a comprehensive set of accounting tools, and when you choose DoorLoop, you will not be disappointed. With Quickbooks integration and various tools to help you handle the accounting yourself, you'll have the freedom of choice!
  • Receive and Track Payments. One of the features you get with our software that you won't find with HappyCo is the tenant portal. You can receive monthly rental payments and keep track of everything on one convenient platform.
  • Owner Portal. The tenant portal isn't the only thing to get excited about. DoorLoop also has an owner portal for property managers to allow your clients to see vital information.

DoorLoop Pricing

At DoorLoop, we understand the need for reliable, full-function software without the hefty price tag. That's why our software combines functionality with affordability. With monthly plans that start from just $49 per month, it's a win-win situation when you choose DoorLoop!

Plus, there's a free demo that you can use to try it out for yourself. Book today to experience this property management software for yourself!

2. Innago

Innago is another option to consider if you're looking for a great HappyCo alternative. One of its greatest perks is its free plan, which makes it a good starting point for small business owners.

Innago Features

  • Great Accounting Tools. Like HappyCo, Innago also ensures that property managers and rental business owners have access to a comprehensive set of accounting tools.
  • Tenant Portal. Innago also features a tenant portal to help you streamline your business operations and promote professionalism.
  • Maintenance Management. Stay on top of things and save money with Innago's intuitive maintenance management features.

Innago Pricing

As we've already mentioned, Innago is free to use. However, keep in mind that you will need to pay for certain features. There is a $2 fee for ACH payments and a 2.75 percent charge for debit payments, for example. Background checks aren't free, either, with each one costing between $30 and $35.

3. Hemlane


With an innovative tool that helps you find Realtors near you to fill vacant rental properties quickly, Hemlane is a worthy contender. However, this extra functionality comes at a high cost that may make it a little less appealing to some.

Hemlane Features

  • Agent Match. As we've already mentioned, agent match is one of the best features of this software solution. It can help ease the struggle of finding reliable tenants to fill vacant units.
  • Receive Rental Payments. This software also lets you receive and track rental payments with ease.
  • Maintenance management. Like HappyCo, Hemlane allows users to track and identify key areas that may need maintenance, lowering your overall maintenance and repair costs.

Hemlane Pricing

Hemlane offers a slightly different cost structure that consists of a basic monthly payment plus an additional fee per unit per month.

Its entry-level plan comprises a monthly charge of $30 plus $2 for each additional unit. After the initial $32 for each unit the first month, its Complete plan rises to $60 per month.

You can start using Hemline for free to test it out for a period of 30 days, but there is no free plan.

Try It

After looking at HappyCo and a few of the top alternatives, one thing is clear: DoorLoop offers all the functionality at a fraction of the cost. The best part is that you can sign up for a free demo and test it out to see whether it meets your needs.

With a comprehensive set of features, such as a tenant portal, accounting tools, a maintenance order management system, a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface, and excellent support that's there when you need it, there are few reasons not to choose our software to manage your business and streamline your workflow!

Take your company to the next level with our innovative software solution. Whether you want to aim for higher property values or save on the cost of day-to-day operations, you can achieve your goals with this innovative service.

Sign up for a free demo today and see what DoorLoop can do for you!

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