Miami, FL – October 19, 2023 — DoorLoop, the 5-star property management software renowned for its powerful features and ease of use, is thrilled to announce its official expansion into Canada, opening doors to landlords and property managers across the Great White North. This strategic move demonstrates DoorLoop’s commitment to empowering landlords and property managers to streamline their financial, leasing, and operational tasks through cutting-edge digital solutions.

With an unparalleled reputation for industry-leading features for property management, an intuitive interface, and stellar customer support, DoorLoop has established itself as the highest-rated property management software online. By extending its innovative solutions to Canadian users, DoorLoop aims to transform the way property management is conducted in the region.

"Our expansion into Canada represents an important milestone for DoorLoop. We are excited to bring our industry-leading software and exceptional customer service to landlords and property managers in Canada," said Ori Tamuz, CEO & Co-founder of DoorLoop. "Our goal is to empower Canadian real estate professionals by streamlining their workflows, increasing efficiency, and helping them achieve greater success in their property management endeavors."

DoorLoop's user-centric software offers an extensive range of features designed to simplify property management tasks. DoorLoop also understands that property managers and landlords alike are often on the move, and have put a strong focus on mobile app capabilities that enable work to continue while on the go. From automated rent collection and full-scale accounting to lease and maintenance management, DoorLoop provides an all-in-one solution that can be used on any device from anywhere. 

As part of its commitment to serving the Canadian market, DoorLoop will be offering region-specific features and dedicated customer support to ensure a seamless user experience. By adapting to the unique needs and regulations of the Canadian real estate landscape, DoorLoop strives to deliver a world-class solution that helps Canadian property managers and landlords accomplish more work in less time.

For more information on DoorLoop's expansion into Canada or to see how the software works for Canadian property managers, please visit

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