Feb 23, 24 at 12 and 3 PM EST
Feb 23, 24 at 12 and 3 PM EST

Real Estate Development 101

Learn about ground-up development for different asset classes. Get a crash course in CAM, NNN, income generation, cash flow, debt, equity, expense management, OPEX, and learn what all these acronyms even mean! And lastly, Daniel Sehayik even covers how to get started with your first ground-up development project and what mistakes to be aware of.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to develop your own properties
  • Running your own forecasts & budgets
  • Investing in different real estate asset classes and portfolios
  • Learn about the different characters in every investment
  • Measuring performance with ROI with CAP Rates, IRR, and ROC

Hosted by

David Bitton
Co-Founder & CMO at DoorLoop
Daniel Sehayik
Developer | Attorney | Broker

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