Launching a Rental Property: Intro

Ready for launch!

Or, maybe… not quite yet.

No matter how far along the process you are, in this third section, you’ll learn everything you need to make sure your new rental property is ready to hit the market. 

At this point, your property should be rehabbed or renovated (depending on what you did with it) and move-in ready. 

If not, make sure to hop back and read Section 2: Rehabilitating a Rental Property first before moving on.

Next, you need to set up the systems and processes that allow you to:

  • Market your property
  • Find and screen tenants
  • Sign leases
  • Complete move-in inspections
  • And help your tenants feel welcome in their new home
  • We’ll even cover how to run a lease-up if you’re launching an apartment complex or similar large-scale rental

Once you’re done, you’ll have brand new tenants and fresh rental income flowing in each month. 

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