Utah rental agreements are contracts between the property owner(s) and a tenant who wants to use the property in exchange for regular lease payments. 

Any terms and conditions linked with the use of the property are included in these contracts, which must adhere to Utah's landlord-tenant laws.

What to Include

The contents of your lease agreement may differ depending on whether you're dealing with a Utah commercial lease agreement or a standard rental agreement. You need to include certain factors based on tenant and federal law:

  • Security Deposits Maximum: The state of Utah does not have a set limit for security deposits. It does, nevertheless, have criteria for returning a security deposit (which is 30 days after the termination of the lease).
  • Evictions: If a tenant in Utah is being evicted for breaching a rental agreement,  not paying rent, or committing a felony, they're entitled to a three-day notice. As a result, the majority of evictions in Utah are handled in a few days.
  • Lease Termination: In Utah, month-to-month tenants only need to give 15 days' notice to legally terminate their contract. However, fixed-term tenants who want to cancel their lease early must show proof of one of these exceptions: landlord harassment, active military duty, domestic violence, or if the leased property is not habitable.
  • Warranty of Habitability: All tenants in Utah are entitled to plumbing, in-unit heating or cooling, electric outlets, and clean common areas, among other things if they rent property. They must also complete necessary and non-essential repairs within three and 10 days, respectively. If these obligations are not honored, an affected tenant may request a rent reduction or a repair and deduction action.
  • Landlord Entry: When entering a tenant's unit, all landlords are required to give a 24-hour notice. When the landlord is showing the property to s prospective tenant or entering to warn of an emergency, this norm doesn't apply.
  • Rent Fees and Increases: In Utah, landlords can raise the rent at any time and by whatever amount they want. They are also not obligated to give notice of these increases. Most service costs, which aren't capped by the government, have the same level of independence. This only applies to returned check fees.

Do you want to know what the other laws are governing a residential property and commercial space? Here are the Utah Landlord-Tenant Laws and Rights.

Build Your Own

Do you want to customize your own Utah standard residential lease agreement? Use the following free form for guidance:

Utah residential lease agreement


The required disclosures for lease agreements in Utah include:

  • Move-in Checklist: Landlords in Utah have to submit a move-in checklist that details the present condition of the property so that the security deposit can be refunded properly when the tenant moves out.
  • Landlord's Name and Address: In order for requests and notices to be delivered properly, Utah requires property owners to disclose their contact details (or the contact details for an authorized representative) in the lease agreement.
  • Lead-based Paint Disclosure: If the rental property is in a building built before 1978, the property owner must include a lead-based paint declaration in the Utah rental contract, together with an instructional booklet and disclosure of any hazards, to reduce the risk of a new tenant being exposed to lead paint toxicity.
  • Methamphetamine Contamination Disclosure: If the landlord has any knowledge of possible methamphetamine contamination, they have to report it and refuse to rent the property until it has been remedied to prevent tenants from exposure.


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When is rent late?

The period of time a renter can be given grace for late payments is not specified in Utah state law. This could be addressed by the landlord in the lease agreement's content.

What are Utah lease agreements?

A Utah rental agreement is a legally binding document that is used to rent property between landlords and tenants. The written document spells out each party's responsibilities, with the tenant's primary responsibility being to pay rent on a monthly basis.

Does a landlord need to verify a tenant's credit worthiness?

Before signing a lease, the landlord should conduct a credit report on the renter to verify their financial situation. A lease is created and signed by involved parties if approved.

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