An Oregon sublease agreement is a legal document binding the current tenant of the rental property to the new tenant, permitting the sublessee to take over part or all of the property. However, the landlord should give the original renter approval, which can be found in the original lease agreement.

Similar to room rental agreements in Oregon, subleases are required when an original tenant wishes to lease a large portion of the property or lease it to someone else. Let's learn more about what you need to create this document:

Sublease Agreement

A sublease agreement lets a tenant (sublessor) rent all or part of the rental property to someone else (subtenant) for a specified time frame.

When you sublet, it can be a great way to reduce the cost of renting and ensure that the property stays occupied if you're away. However, there are important rules, laws, and regulations that might lead to trouble if you don't know what they are.

The landlord must approve of the person who will sublet the property. Generally, a sublease agreement requires the subtenant to follow the same conditions and terms of the original lease for that rental unit.

If that sublessee fails to do so, the original tenant is held responsible as per the original lease agreement. In a sense, the original lease agreement turns the original tenant into the landlord for the new tenant.

What to Include

The sublease agreement includes the conditions and terms, such as:

  • Rent, due date, and how to pay it
  • Portion of the rental unit that's part of the sublease
  • Description of how utilities are shared and calculated
  • The original lease copy stating it's part of the sublease
  • Original tenant, landlord, and subtenant signatures

How to Write One

Your Oregon sublease must contain these things:

  • Type of property for subletting
  • Names of original tenant(s) from the original document
  • Names of those subleasing the property
  • Full address for notification and rent payments
  • Copy of the original lease and landlord's name
  • Property address for subletting
  • Rent amount paid

Special Laws

The original tenant needs written permission from the landlord before they sublet in Oregon. Then, they become responsible for the subtenant and are liable for violations.

When subleasing, the sublessor has to honor the terms and follow laws for security deposits, evictions, and Oregon Landlord-Tenant laws. In Oregon, sublessors must:

  • Give three days' written notice to pay rent/leave
  • Return security deposits in 31 days after the end of that sublease
  • Give 30 days' written notice of intent not to renew with the original tenant or sublessee

Sublessor’s Responsibility

The sublessor should abide by all laws for evictions, security deposits, and other issues.

Build Your Own

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Subleasing is a great option, but it's important to draft an Oregon sublease agreement that works well. You've learned what to include and where to find a template, so it's time to start!


Is Subletting Illegal for Those in Oregon?

No, subletting isn't illegal unless the landlord refuses it. Rejection can happen because of a criminal background check or poor credit history.

Can Tenants Sublet without a Landlord's Permission?

No, tenants have to get permission before subletting.

Can a Landlord Refuse to Approve the Oregon Sublease Agreement?

Yes, they can do so for financial irresponsibility, illegal use of property, and if the sublessee fails to complete the lease terms.

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