Are you a landlord who's considering creating a room rental agreement? Find out everything you need to know to get the process started.

Roommate Agreement

Between landlords and tenants, a roommate agreement is the same as a sublease agreement. Provided the landlord approves and signs, the document serves the same purpose. You are making an official agreement for your tenant to have a roommate under certain terms. A tenant should give you advance notice of at least 31 days.

When Do You Need One?

You should have an Oregon sublease agreement when a tenant wants to rent an extra room to another person. With your signature, the agreement becomes legally binding. It holds just as much weight as the original rental contract.

Before you allow a new person onto the lease, there are some things you need to verify about the individual. You may want to have them fill out an official rental application. It's also important to conduct a background check, determine the individual's income to verify their ability to pay rent, and conclude if the person has children or pets, which may affect the rent amount. You should ensure the new tenant does not have any kind of outstanding notice, such as owing rent to another apartment or a pending proceeding in court.

Lease Agreement

In addition to renting to residents, you can also rent a space to business tenants. Many multi-room commercial buildings have several separate businesses inside.

How It Can Protect You

These documents are important in case a tenant attempts to accuse you of malpractice. With signed documentation, you can prove that you have adhered to the terms the tenant agreed to.

What to Include

You should ensure the Oregon roommate agreement outlines all the basic information and conditions necessary for both you and the tenants to clearly understand the terms of the tenancy.

Basic Information

This includes the start and end dates of the tenancy, the location of the rental unit, and the names of all involved tenants. Each person must sign and date the document to make it official.

Rent and Security Deposit

Clearly state the rent amount and due date along with the security deposit fee. You should have two security deposits, maximum, or one for each person if there are more than two adult tenants.

Additional Rules

Include any other rules for the rental unit in depth, such as quiet hours, a smoking policy, if pets are allowed on the premises, pet fees, maintenance fees, lawn care requirements, monthly inspections, etc. While not necessary, it is good practice to give your tenants twenty-four hours to carefully review the lease before signing.

Tenant and Subtenant

They should discuss the upkeep of common areas in the shared residence, how to split utilities, how to handle rent payments, and each person's responsibilities for pets. It is not your responsibility to mediate these domestic issues for them.

Build Your Own

We have templates available for you to use.


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What Are the Different Kinds of Oregon Lease Agreements?

You can have a normal lease agreement, a sublease agreement, and a commercial lease agreement. The fundamentals are the same for each of these.

As the Landlord, What Should I Do Before Drafting a Lease Agreement Form?

Perform a background check on the new tenant and let the sublessor know in clear terms that they are responsible if their subtenant violates the lease.

What Are Oregon State Laws About Renting a Single Room Within a Property?

Oregon State law leaves the decision to the landlord. What was written in the original lease contract is still relevant. This means that if you did not specifically state subleasing is prohibited, you or the tenant may request the other party sign a room rental agreement.

Can I customize my own form or agreement?

Yes, you always can, however if you want to be 100% sure you are protected, you should consult an attorney in your local area.

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