Rental contracts in Missouri are agreements between property owners or landlords and anyone who wants to rent space on their property. The conditions of monthly payments, the lease term, and rules to which the renter must adhere while on the property are all covered under rental agreements.

Landlords or lessors frequently require prospective tenants or lessees to fill out a rental application to establish their eligibility. Once their application has been approved and they have cleared a background check, the tenant will be permitted access to the property when both parties have signed the lease agreement and made the first payments as stipulated in the lease.

There are a number of different lease agreements, such as the Missouri commercial lease agreement, Missouri roommate agreement, and the Missouri sublease agreement. However, in this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about a standard residential lease agreement.

What to Include

According to Missouri's rental laws, there are a few things that you'll need to include in the rental agreement, including:

Warranty of Habitability

Landlords in Missouri are required to make all of their rental properties suitable for people to live in. On the other hand, the state does not stipulate which utilities must always be available.

In any event, the law requires landlords to complete the required repairs as soon as possible. If you don't, a renter may be able to make a repair on their own and deduct the amount from their monthly rent. 

Security Deposit

Missouri landlords are also required to provide tenants with information about security deposits. Maximum amounts apply in the state, and Missouri landlord-tenant laws state that a landlord may not demand a security deposit worth more than two months' rent.

Lease Termination and Evictions

Landlords must also include information about lease terminations and evictions on their rental agreements.

A Missouri renter must provide a one-month notice of their intent to terminate a month-to-month rental contract. However, a fixed-term contract can be canceled early due to harassment by the landlord, active military duty, or an unsuitable living environment for an extended period.

Moreover, in Missouri, nonpayment of rent, engaging in criminal activity, and violating the terms of an agreement can all be grounds for eviction. Only a breach of the lease, however, requires prior tenant notice (10 days). 


Landlords in Missouri have the freedom to increase rental prices as much as they want, anytime they would like, with no prior warning or justification.

Likewise, they can also impose virtually any fee as long as it is clearly stated in the lease agreement. Bounced or returned check costs are an exception, and they are limited to $30 per transaction.


Landlords must make the following disclosures if applicable:

Lead-based Paint

According to federal law, all properties in the United States that were built before 1978 may have lead-based paint. Landlords must therefore warn tenants about the potential dangers in their lease agreements.

Landlord's Name and Address

To ensure that legal notices reach the right person, landlords, property managers, and anyone else with the right to act on behalf of the landlord must state their name and address on the rental agreement.

Methamphetamine Contamination

If a landlord is aware of any potential methamphetamine contamination, he or she must include it in the Missouri lease agreement.

Build Your Own

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Final Thoughts

If you need to draw up a detailed, professional Missouri residential lease agreement that adheres to federal and state laws, you now have the information you need. You can use our short guide and DoorLoop to quickly and easily create a rental agreement to safeguard your business.


When must a security deposit be returned in Missouri?

According to state law, landlords must return a tenant's security deposit within 30 days of vacating the rental property.

What are the conditions for a landlord's entry onto a rental property?

There are no requirements according to Missouri state law regarding a notice period for entering a rental property. However, providing notice before entry for a non-emergency is highly recommended.

Does the tenant receive the interest acquired from the deposit?

No. Landlords are entitled to the interest accrued on the rental deposit after investing it with a financial institution, according to state law.

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