This rental contract binds a person who wants to rent residential property from a landlord and the unit's owner in a short-term agreement.

Unlike other real estate documents, a month-to-month lease agreement doesn't set an end date. Therefore, as long as they comply with the state's minimum termination notice requirement, both parties can end it at any time.

Are you looking for information about the Louisiana month-to-month rental agreement? Here's all you need to know!

How Does it Work in Louisiana?

In both Louisiana and other states, a month-to-month rental agreement renews each time the tenant pays rent. When the landlord or the lessee wants to terminate the lease, either party must serve a written notice.

Furthermore, this document is legally binding and outlines landlords' and tenants' rights and duties during the lease term, including when to pay rent or the security deposit and who is in charge of maintaining the unit.

Legal Disclosures

Additionally, in this state, landlords must include this legal disclosure when drafting this document:

  • Lead-based Paint Disclosure: Property owners must disclose if this toxic paint is present in the unit. It applies to buildings or houses built before 1978.

How Much Notice Must Landlords Give?

Under Louisiana law, property owners can terminate a month-to-month lease by giving at least a 10 days' notice.

Evicting Tenants in Louisiana

Louisiana landlords can evict month-to-month tenants after serving the required written notice if the period expires and they remain in the property.

However, property owners must understand the local eviction laws and file a complaint in a county court to start the process.

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How Long Does It Take to Evict Month-to-Month Tenants in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, the eviction process can take anywhere from two to five weeks. However, you should keep in mind that this period can be longer in some cases.

Must Landlords Provide Notice to Raise Rent?

Yes! Although Louisiana has not imposed controls on rent increases, landlords are encouraged to provide a 30 days' notice to tenants to avoid legal problems.

Also, this state hasn't put a cap on rent increases or hikes' frequency. Therefore, property owners can raise it at any time.

Are There Notice Delivery Requirements?

Landlords can deliver the notice in person or through certified mail to obtain proof that tenants received the letter.

Can I customize my own form or agreement?

Yes, you always can, however if you want to be 100% sure you are protected, you should consult an attorney in your local area.

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