Unlike other Alaska rental agreements to lease residential or commercial property, this document establishes a monthly tenancy with no termination date. Therefore, it renews each time tenants pay rent unless the landlord or lessee provides a notice to terminate it.

However, this document must meet some rules to be legal. Read on to learn more about it!

How Does an Alaska Month-to-Month Lease Agreement Work?

In Alaska and other states, this real estate contract allows landlords to rent out a property for a short period in exchange for a rental payment.

As it's legally binding, just like the standard lease, both property owners and tenants have obligations, duties, and full rights according to local laws.

Legal Disclosures You Should Include

In order to make them legal, landlords must add four legal disclosures to contracts involving residential properties, including the Alaska month-to-month lease agreement. These are:

  • Absence: The lease should state that tenants must inform landlords if they plan to be absent from the property for seven or more days.
  • Lead-Based Paint Disclosure: If the property was built prior to 1978, landlords must alert tenants to potential lead-based paint presence.
  • Landlord's Information: This document must disclose the names and addresses of any person authorized to manage the property or receive demands and notices.
  • Withholding Security Deposit: Landlords should clarify the terms and conditions for which the security deposit could be withheld.

Should Landlords Provide a Written Notice?

Alaska requires landlords to provide at least a 30 days' notice to terminate a month-to-month lease agreement. This letter must be in written form.

Evicting Month-to-Month Tenants in Alaska

If they serve the notice to end the lease and the period expires but tenants remain in the property, landlords can take legal action to evict them.

As a property owner, you must file a complaint with an applicable county court to start the eviction process.

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Can I Use This Rental Contract for a Commercial Lease Agreement?

An Alaska commercial lease agreement is different from a month-to-month rental agreement to lease a residential property. Therefore, you must know the laws and requirements to draft each one.

Should I Send a Written Notice to Tenants If I Plan to Raise the Rent in Alaska?

Yes! In Alaska, landlords must send a 30 days' notice before raising the rent.

How Long Does the Eviction Process Take in Alaska?

The eviction process in this state can take from one to two months or a little longer depending on the circumstances.

Can I customize my own form or agreement?

Yes, you always can, however if you want to be 100% sure you are protected, you should consult an attorney in your local area.

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