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Texas Real Estate Purchase Agreement

A purchase agreement or real estate contract is a legally binding agreement signed by the seller and the buyer, listing all the important details, aspects, disclosures, and contingencies associated with a sale agreement.

Five Important Steps

The following are the important steps needed when you sell or purchase real estate in Texas:

Step One: Add Important Details

If the purchase contract is to be legally binding, it must include the following important details about the two parties involved in the transaction:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers

Step Two: Property Description

A full property description should be provided to the buyer before making the sale.

These details about the property, such as mortgage agreements and tax assessment information, can be found at the Texas County Recorder’s Office.

Step Three: Seller's Disclosure Notice (According to Texas real estate commission Guidelines)

The buyer's offer cannot be made until the seller's disclosure notice is included in the purchase and sale agreement.

This may include any of the following disclosures:

  • Residential property disclosure forms
  • Lead-based paint disclosure

Step Four: Family Residential Contract and Purchase Price

Texas uses the "Buyer Beware" or Caveat Emptor policy in conducting a purchase agreement, meaning the buyer has to be aware that they are buying the property as is, whether the seller has completed construction or the property is being sold in a state of incomplete construction.

When the buyer and seller agree on this, the purchase price can be discussed along with any counter offer the buyer may have.

Step Five: Closing Date and Other Provisions

Finally, the closing date can be set after both parties have included any contingencies necessary to the home contract, such as:

  • Home Insurance
  • Earnest money deposits
  • Inspection and appraisal
  • Financing addendum
  • Title insurance


When drafting a Texas real estate purchase agreement, it is important not to miss any vital information because this is a legally binding document that may come back to haunt you if done improperly.

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Why Must You Add a Closing Date to a Real Estate Contract?

Both parties need to be aware of the exact date on which the purchase and sale agreement becomes legally binding.

Do You Need an Escrow Agent When Completing a Residential Condominium Contract?

Yes, an escrow agent can help with holding the property in trust while the transaction is completed.

Is Transfer Tax Necessary on a Sales Contract for Texas Real Estate?

Transfer tax is necessary because it is a requirement by most US states' governing bodies, including the Texas real estate commission, whenever a transfer of ownership occurs.

What Is a Warranty Deed on a Residential Property Purchase Contract?

A warranty deed shows the buyer that the seller is indeed allowed to sell the property and that there are no outstanding loans or liens on it.

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