If you're a landlord in Mississippi, you'll need to draw up a detailed Mississippi residential lease agreement to safeguard you and your businesses. However, this can be challenging without a working knowledge of the landlord-tenant laws in place.

This article will cover everything you need to know about a Mississippi lease agreement, including the information you are required to add, mandatory disclosures, and more!

What to Include

Are you wondering what your lease agreement needs to include? Here's a list of some of the mandatory inclusions:

  • Information about the landlord, tenant, and any other party acting on behalf of the landlord or property owner. This is to ensure that legal notices are received by the right person.
  • Rent. The lease must state the agreed monthly rent amount and when the tenant will be required to pay rent. There is no cap on the amount you can charge tenants for a residential property lease.
  • Fees and costs. According to state law, landlords may charge fees and costs at their discretion. However, there is a limit to the fee that may be charged for every returned check ($30).
  • Landlord entry. There are currently no statutes concerning landlord entry. However, a 24-hour notice period is recommended.
  • Warranty of Habitability. Landlords are required by law to ensure that tenants have access to basic amenities, such as running water, heating, air conditioning, lighting, electrical outlets, and more. This must be stated in the rental contract.
  • Information about security deposits. Maximum amounts do not apply in the state of Mississippi. The details regarding the security deposit must be clearly stated on lease agreements.
  • Lease termination and eviction. Lease termination and eviction conditions must be clearly stated in the rental agreement.

Mandatory Disclosure

There are no mandatory disclosures, according to state laws. However, landlords are advised to disclose any potential hazards or health risks, such as mold or asbestos, to prevent future liability.

According to federal law, you will also need to disclose potential exposure to lead-based paint if it applies.

Lead-based Paint Disclosure

This rule applies to all landlords in the United States. Any landlord whose rental property was built before 1978 must inform prospective tenants about the risk of exposure to lead-based paint.

In addition to this disclosure, you should also include an EPA pamphlet about lead-based paint in the rental agreement to ensure that your tenant is aware of its potential danger.

Building a Lease

If you rent real property and lease it to tenants as part of a rental business, you'll need a fast and easy way to create Mississippi rental agreements. While you could use a free form or a free lease building tool, these tools can be cumbersome and limiting.

However, with DoorLoop, you have the freedom to personalize your leasing document to ensure that it meets your needs and complies with rental laws. You can send your lease agreement to your tenant and manage your properties on one innovative platform!

Using DoorLoop

The truth is that technology is becoming a part of our everyday lives, and automation software is being used to take care of repetitive tasks. One such task is creating a Mississippi rental agreement.

DoorLoop will take care of the hard work for you by filling in your details with one click while still ensuring that you have complete control over your lease agreements.

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Lease signing is your biggest chance to start a lease term off on the right foot. In order to do that, it's important to give your new tenants a seamless experience from the beginning.

With DoorLoop, eSignatures for leases can be done in just a couple of clicks. You can also get to the eSignature step much more easily by creating reusable lease templates that are autofilled with tenants' information.

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Final Thoughts

Creating a Mississippi lease agreement doesn't have to be a challenging task! With this information at hand and DoorLoop's intuitive automation software, you can build sustainable relationships with your tenants.


Besides a Mississippi commercial lease agreement and a residential agreement, what other types of rental contracts are there?

Here's a list of some of the most common types of lease agreements:

  • Month-to-month agreements
  • Mississippi sublease agreement
  • Rent-to-own agreement
  • Mississippi roommate agreement

When must the security deposit be returned to a tenant?

According to Mississippi landlord-tenant laws, landlords have 45 days to return the security deposit from the end of the Mississippi rental lease term.

Is there a rent grace period in Mississippi?

No. There is no statute detailing the details of a grace period. However, if a landlord allows a tenant a grace period, the rental agreement must clearly state the terms.

How are disputes handled?

If there is a dispute, one of the parties can take the case to the Mississippi small claims court, which handles cases worth up to $3,500. While hiring licensed attorneys isn't necessary, you can enlist their help to help improve your chances of winning.

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