While people who join an HOA are plenty motivated, it doesn't hurt to give them a special welcome to ensure that they really feel at home in the community. To this end, HOA board members will often ensure that each new member is presented with at least a welcome letter.

If you work with an HOA management company, they will likely tell you to do the same. Now while a letter is great, we would say that you should put together a little welcome packet. By doing this, not only do you show the new homeowners a warm welcome, but you also ensure that they get some of the key information they will need as community members.

With that said, let's take a look at what a welcome letter should look like and what the packet should include.

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Why Have an HOA Welcome Packet

You're Not Just Business

There's an adage that says "first impressions last," and it could not be more true. The last thing you would want is to become a part of an HOA community just to have no one seem to care or even look at you.

Remember that as the HOA board, you will be the group of people enforcing different policies for those who are a part of the community. There's an almost unavoidable stigma that comes with this even when you're the best HOA ever.

You don't want to give the impression that you are purely business. Therefore, this is a good chance for the association board to show that its values are inherently human and it does recognize its community as such. This is the foundation of good HOA communication.

It's Good to Properly Introduce the New Homeowner to the Association

This only works if your welcome letter and packet have the right elements to achieve the outcome you're looking for. On that note, we recommend that you download the template we've provided to ensure that your letter always hits the mark.

Apart from that, there's a lot to learn as a new person in an HOA. Where are the amenities? Who do I call for essential services? Who are my board members? These are all questions that homeowners will need to be answered. What is a better time to answer them than now?

What Should the Homeowners Association Include in the Packet?

The Welcome Letter

This goes without saying as it's the most important part of bringing all of this together. Once we get through all the packet items, we'll give you some great tips to go with our template.


It's a good idea to mention the different facilities that are a part of the HOA. Remember that many people who choose to live in one of these communities do so for these benefits. Therefore, if you want our community to look attractive to newcomers, show off what you bring to the table.

From landscaping to swimming pools to party spaces to parking lots, if you have it, let them know. Include all facilities that are available and associated information such as the hours of operation and other rules.

HOA Governing Documents

HOA members need to be aware of the rules and regulations of the community and for the most part, these will come from the governing documents. Therefore, it's a good idea to include them in the welcome packet.

However, while some are short, others, such as the CC&Rs can be pretty long. Sure, it's the owner's job to ensure to read through them thoroughly, but there's no reason you can't draw their attention to some of the important provisions that they will want to know immediately. These may include rules about pets, parking, maintenance, garbage disposal, and more.

Who Are the Board of Directors?

Each HOA board member is a community leader. Therefore, it stands to reason that those in the community should know who these people are, even if it's just being able to match the names and faces to the various roles. A document can be put into the packet that sheds some light on who each of the board members is.

Essential Contact Information

There will be an essential list of contacts for every HOA, and the welcome packet is a great way to provide all of them at the onset so that by the time a situation arises that would require one of these parties, people know who to call. Some of the notable inclusions here should be emergency numbers, the HOA manager, utilities/service contacts, and facility contacts.

Lightning Round

We call this the lightning round because this is where you're going to ensure that some of the most common questions are answered and that the new community members know how to get some of the fundamentals done.

There aren't many people who don't like a good FAQ list that will immediately lay some of the concerns they may have to rest before they need to reach out to them. Some of the concerns you may want to alleviate include how parking space may work, where to report violations, good restaurants around, how dues are paid, etc.

Some of these will be simple questions with easy answers, while you may need to take more of a "how to" approach with some of the others. You should know your HOA well enough to know which is which.

Take the Time to Shed Light on the Forms

HOAs may have different forms that will be used for different reasons. For example, if there is a fee or violation waiver request, then there may be a form that needs to be completed before the request can be granted.

Consider all the forms that a new homeowner may need and ensure that they are all included as a part of the welcome packet if they are not meant to be completed online. If they are online, then you can include where to find them.

For physical forms, don't forget to let community members know how they are supposed to submit these forms once they have successfully completed them.

Make Sure to Throw in a Copy of the Latest Newsletter

One of the essentials in any HOA is its newsletter. On one hand, it lets everyone know what is happening. On the other hand, it can really go a long way in creating that community feeling that you want to give your members,

It's recommended that you put a copy of the latest edition in the welcome packet since that can help the new person begin to feel acclimatized to the community quickly.

A Nice Gift

Of course, this is optional, but it does show that you have put an extra level of thought into things. Consider putting a simple gift into the package if your budget allows for it. Perhaps a gift certificate to a nearby restaurant or a small housewarming token are ideas you can consider.

Useful Tips on Writing an HOA Welcome Letter

Here are a few tips to ensure that your HOA letter doesn't miss the mark:

  • Humanize and personalized each one
  • Use celebratory language such as "congratulations"
  • Maintain a balance of friendly and professional in your tone
  • Introduce the HOA well
  • Explain what the HOA does and how the person first into that
  • Close warmly

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The Bottom Line

Hopefully, we've helped you to understand how to perfect your HOA welcome letter. Remember to download our free template to make it even easier!

Also, schedule a free demo today to have a look at how our HOA management software works for you!


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